• Destiny Davis

    Amid the idyllic surroundings of Glendora, California, Destiny Davis's life began to unfold on August 24, 1985. Her life's manuscript has been scribed with the indelible ink of ambition and an astute approach to life's myriad challenges, painting a picture of a person who crafts success with grace and tenacity.


    She breezed through high school, graduating at 16, an early exhibition of her extraordinary intellect. Her academic path led her to UNLV, where she excelled in economics and business law, securing her degree in 2008. Her scholastic appetite took her further along the academic spectrum to Pepperdine University, where she achieved an MBA, her focus honed in on finance.


    In the professional arena, she started as the COO of a prominent Las Vegas plastic surgery clinic, where she refined her strategic planning and organizational leadership skills. The lure of real estate captured her professional curiosity in 2015, and she quickly established herself as a notable figure in the field. The Eklund | Gomes Team at Douglas Elliman recognized her insight and drive, leading to her pivotal role in their expansion to the West Coast in 2017. Her finesse in the luxury real estate market also earned her airtime on the reality series "Million Dollar Listing." In a significant career evolution, she assumed the presidency of the JF Investment Group in 2020, turning her sights on the commercial real estate scene across California and Nevada.


    In parallel with her professional pursuits, she is deeply invested in philanthropic causes, notably those concerning animal rights and children's services. She gives back to the community by lending her expertise as a yoga instructor to support women recovering from the trauma of human trafficking.


    Her personal life is a testament to her belief in the importance of balance and inner harmony. She embarked on her yoga journey at 16 and fortified her passion with a 200-hour yoga teaching certificate in 2018. A devotee of Transcendental Meditation, she regularly organizes sessions to promote mental clarity and well-being among her friends and family.


    Her eclectic interests reflect a person of depth and vibrancy. She finds solace in nature, has developed a keen interest in golf amidst the pandemic, and has made astute moves in personal real estate investment, focusing on refurbishing single-family residences. A firm believer in lifelong learning, she frequently attends seminars, drawing inspiration from influencers like Tony Robbins.


    Davis's narrative is a compelling illustration of professional ambition seamlessly integrated with a commitment to personal well-being and a dedication to positively impacting the world.